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  1. This is an AWESOME radio station!!! Thank you!!

  2. Hello good morning dear friends of every day, I'm Arbid Edson e-mail: one of your most attentive quality listening listeners that you can have. I live in the city of Santos state of São Paulo in Brazil, Brazilian but with a soul in the American musical culture of extreme quality and many of its best artists are an integral part of my wonderful musical auditions daily, and you from this magnificent radio of exceptional good taste and quality of programming since I discovered them through the tune in app, I never stopped listening daily at home on my cell phone in the car where I can connect, I am always listening and sharing with friends the wonderful musical selections. At this moment I want to thank the entire team of producers and programmers for this wonderful work on radio that presents us every wonderful day and time. A big hug from the faithful listener friend from Santos here in Santos at the disposal of many joys listening to your schedule. Thank you very much. Edson Franco Arbid born in santos February 26, 1962


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